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client Testimonals

Theta Healing

I contacted Jess for a Theta Healing session as I wanted to heal a relationship blockage. I knew I had created a wall around my heart after a previous traumatic break up many years ago and was over being single. 

In a very short space of time I met “my one”. It’s amazing how simple and easy it was with Jess’s help guiding me through the session. 

Jess is such a lovely kind caring person and I cannot recommend her enough. 

LJ, The Cotswolds, UK

Private Sound Healing 

I arranged a sound healing session with Jessica to help relax me and to work on my Chakras, particularly the Heart Chakra.


Jessica has a calming mannerism and gives you 100% of her energy whilst working her magic with the bowls.  I left feeling very relaxed and had a sense of lightness throughout my body.

If you haven’t already experienced Sound Healing, I would recommend you try it, it is a beautiful healing experience.

Helen, Dubai, UAE

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts

Marcus Aurelius

Theta Healing

Last year, Jess did 2 Theta Healing sessions on me for relationship healing.


She managed to destress and make me more confident about finding the relationship that I really wanted. We also worked through healing my relationship with my mother.


A year on, I've managed to be open to receiving relationships and letting go of any that did not serve me...with love of course! 

I'm very happy with the caring service I received as well as the amazing outcome. Very grateful.


Ingrid, London, UK

Group Sound Healing 

I went to see Jessica as I am interested in sound healing.  I attended a group sound healing that lasted nearly one hour. The experience and afterwards effect were above and beyond my expectations. 


It was my first time experimenting sound bowls and I was amazed by the sound quality of her bowls, comparing to videos, and the level of vibration you can feel while they resonate. To my surprise, at some bowls' frequency, I was feeling strong emotions, deeply buried, that I was willing to access and release. The release was sudden and faster than what I was expecting, but somehow easier as more natural.


When we went into higher frequencies, it was blissful. When the session ended, I was surprised, as it felt like it lasted for only 15 minutes. The post-effects of that session lasted for several days, as I felt very relaxed.

I strongly recommend healing sessions with Jessica and suggest you to take a full journey with her as she is also a Master Life Coach, and that is 'magic'.


Nils, Dubai

Coaching and Trauma Release


Thank you Jessica for my personal breakthrough!!

Your 1:1 coaching using NLP, Time Paradigms and Trauma Release was professional, friendly and incredibly effective. It was important to me that I felt that you understood & fully supported me without judgement. 

It was amazing to feel the results instantly & how quickly I just got on with my life enjoying the new found freedom within myself as well as the confidence to be truly honest and open. 

I'm very blessed to have had your healing help.

Judith, Northern Ireland

Coaching / Trauma Release

Jess creates a wonderful sense of calm and ease.


The trauma release exercise that we did, seemed so simple and yet has helped to move me forward, into feeling grounded and secure again.


Things have moved forward in almost miraculous ways since our session and I have been inspired and confident with regards to taking empowered action. I am excited to be progressing next steps of a bigger vision.

Jacqui, Dubai

Theta Healing and Coaching

I was grateful for the chance to work with Jess, who did several theta healing sessions with me, assessing areas that I’m currently having some issues in life and working on overcoming the challenges.


Jess was really easy to talk to and I’d not hesitate working with her again - highly recommended.

Scott, Northern Ireland

Private Yoga Classes

Jessica’s 1-1 yoga classes are perfect for those who wish to practice more traditional yoga or somatic yin.  I have been practising yoga for some time and note that many teachers focus on challenging poses. 


Jessica slows things down and really helps you to open up in the Asanas, using the breath to guide you.   She also can combine the yoga with meditation or sound healing.

Helen, Dubai, UAE

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