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There are no limits to what you

can accomplish, except the limits

you place on your own thinking

Brian Tracy

I am passionate about helping others to live their best life!  

Hi, I'm Jess. 


I grew up in Northern Ireland and have lived in London and Dubai over the last 13 years. I gained career success as a litigation lawyer and since 2006 I worked at two of the top law firms for my chosen speciality and now work part time as General Counsel for an offshore shipping company in Dubai. 


Over the past 5 years I have been providing Holistic Healing, Coaching and Yoga. I enjoy helping others through my practise as a Mediator and by offering a range of Holistic Therapies which can be tailored towards an individual's needs.  

I am particularly interested in helping people to overcome trauma, stress and depression.  I want to help others to enjoy their lives, as we all deserve to be happy.  

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Having lost my mother to breast cancer at the age of 9, whilst growing up with the adversities of 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland I had a deep determination to make a success of my life in order to give me options. I viewed law as a secure career and studied hard at school so that I could enrol at Cardiff University in Wales to study Law, this gave me access to working for a reputable Law Firm in London which then took me to Dubai to work as a specialist lawyer for the world's top shipping law firm. One day I had a revelation that I equated success in life to earning money, however I realised that money alone wasn't enough to make me happy and that I should be healthy and not have various stress induced illness such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, migraines, weight gain and PCOs.  I am sure there were more issues if I think harder!

All these issues lead me to look into Reiki first of all and I enjoyed that it made me feel more relaxed as I had always been the sort of person who was busy all the time and looking for the next challenge as I "didn’t enjoy" relaxing.  From Reiki I got into other Healing Modalities and Coaching.  The combination of enjoying these and seeing how these helped me improve my health and happiness encouraged me to train and practise various modalities over the past 5 years.  

I love the thrill of helping others and I believe that my experiences in life can help others get over whatever struggles or trauma they are dealing with.  Even if you are not necessarily struggling with something, I think it is always helpful to take time out for yourself and look at whether your life is delivering what you want it to or just simply relax for an hour and have a nice healing session or do some yoga. 

Please feel free to get in touch to see whether we would be a good fit to work together.  Please contact me by email, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger so we can have a chat and see whether there are any services, I can assist you or your business with.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my website. 


ThetaHealing® Instructor

  • Basic DNA2 (THInK, USA)

  • Advanced DNA2 (THInK, USA)

  • Dig Deeper (THInK, USA)

  • You and Your Significant Other (THInK, USA)

  • You and the Creator (THInK, USA)

  • You and Your Inner Circle (THInK, USA)

  • You and the Earth (THInK, USA)

  • Manifesting and Abundance (THInK, USA)

  • Soul Mate (THInK, USA)

  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight (THInK, USA)

  • World Relations (THInK, USA)


ThetaHealing Practitioner

  • Basic DNA2  (THInK, USA)

  • Advanced DNA2 (THInK, USA)

  • Dig Deeper (THInK, USA)

  • Family Ties (THInK, USA)

  • Game of Life (THInK, USA)

  • Animal (THInK, USA)

  • Manifestation & Abundance (THInK, USA)

  • Soul Mate (THInK, USA)

  • Think What You Think (THInK, USA)

  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight (THInK, USA)

  • Intuitive Anatomy (THInK, USA)

  • Disease & Disorder (THInK, USA)

  • World Relations (THInK, USA)

  • DNA3 (THInK, USA)

  • Wealth Consciousness (THInK, USA)

  • You and Your Significant Other (THInK, USA)

  • You and the Creator (THInK, USA)

  • You and Your Inner Circle (THInK, USA)

  • You and the Earth (THInK, USA)

  • True Alignment with your Soul Purpose (THInK, USA)

  • Rainbow Children (THInK, USA)

  • Planes of Existence (THInK, USA)

Coaching / NLP /Time Paradigm Techniques

  • RSCI Master Coach (Robert Simic Coaching Institute, Dubai (RSCI)).  RSCI is accredited by the Federation of NLPC Professionals, and the International Coach Federation (ICF).  

  • Master Hypnotist (RSCI, Dubai)

  • Life Coach (RSCI Dubai)

  • Time Paradigm Techniques™ Master Practitioner (RSCI, Dubai)

  • Relationship Coach (RSCI, Dubai)

  • NLP Master Coach (RSCI, Dubai)

Usui Reiki 

  • Level 1 (Miracles, UAE)

  • Level 2 (Miracles, UAE)

  • Treating Chronic Ailments with Reiki (Miracles, UAE)

  • Master / Trainer (Miracles, UAE)

Access Consciousness

  • Access Bars® Practitioner (Illuminations, UAE)

Sound Healing

  • Level 1 - Therapy Course (Ascension Pathway, UAE)

  • Level 2 - Professional Practitioner (Ascension Pathway, UAE)

  • Level 3 - Meditation Facilitator (Ascension Pathway, UAE)


  • Certified Yoga Teacher RYT200 (1000 Petaled Lotus, UAE)

  • Somatic Yin Yoga Teacher 100hrs (Jade Wood Yoga, Switzerland)

  • Swing Yoga Teacher 50hrs (1000 Petaled Lotus, UAE)

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