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Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself
Roy T. Bennett


I think coaching is a perfect way to overcome whatever is holding you back in your life.  Do you feel like you are hitting the snooze button on your life?  Are you saying I will be happy when “X” happens?  Do you want to change career or perhaps end your relationship or work on your relationship?  Are you stressed out or struggling to overcome your past?

The fact is ”X” may not happen unless you work towards it and are in the right place for it to come into your life, but you might as well be enjoying the journey en route.  Therefore, it is best to get focussed on what you want, work towards it, release any baggage holding you back, improve the quality of your thoughts and no doubt you will become happier.

I started coaching as I had done years of counselling and still felt “like a failure and that I wasn’t good enough”. However, coaching (and NLP techniques) helped me see how I was letting my mind run the show, but the fact is you are in charge of your thoughts.  As Robin Sharma said: "The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master."  He was very right.

I coach using NLP / Time Paradigm Techniques™ / Hypnotherapy, and holistic healing activities.


If you are not getting out of your life what you think you can or your success is limited or just want help working on certain things like stress or releasing trauma, please get in touch.  Coaching sessions can take place in person in Dubai or online. 

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