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Sometimes you don't realise the weight of something until you feel its release



I offer Theta Healing® sessions, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Access Bars®.  These are all are great ways to help you relax, heal and/ or remove limiting beliefs, improve your abundance, and get back in touch with yourself.  

Theta Healing®

Theta Healing is a deeply relaxing technique whereby you will enter into a deep meditative state (theta brain wave) to access your subconscious mind whereby we will discuss your subconscious beliefs to identify emotional blocks or emotional triggers and we then clear these.  It is similar to hypnotherapy which I also offer as a service.  I find Theta healing very effective for clearing negative beliefs and this can help to remove physical ailments, dis-ease and issues that prevent you from healing, moving forward and living your best life!

Theta Healing can really help with any abundance issues, whether this be related to money, health, love or even just enjoyment of your life.  Often our lack of abundance is connected to sub-conscious beliefs we have.

It can be used to work out why a certain issue is presenting in your life or holding you back, remove emotional triggers which could be impacting your life, give intuitive readings, balance chakras, or help you to overcome physical issues. 

To book your ThetaHealing® session with me, please drop me a message.  Sessions can take place in person in Dubai or over the phone or online.


Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to treat many issues, uncover sub-conscious blocks and allow you to move forward feeling much lighter.  I can combine hypnotherapy with sound healing and/or Theta Healing® for a more bespoke session. 

If you would like a hypnotherapy session in person in Dubai or online please drop me a message. 

Sound Healing

I offer sessions privately (one on one or more if desired) or in group sessions privately amongst friends/family, in yoga classes or in a corporate setting.

At a quantum level we are all vibrating energetic beings.  I work mostly with Tibetan singing bowls.  When these are played the sound waves enter the body and we vibrate at a frequency that matches the sound. This has a profound effect on the mind, body and spirit – similar to sound therapy used to heal muscles in some hospitals.

A session normally takes place lying down and you will simply relax while I play the bowls around you to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.  This is a deeply relaxing experience and helps to relieve tension, muscle or joint aches and is excellent for meditation amongst many other things.  Many people find they simply fall asleep for the full session and wake up feeling great! It is one of my favourite ways to relax as it will help to realign your chakras, calm your mind, increase your energy, release stress and anxiety amongst many other things.

To book your sound healing session with me, please drop me a message. 



I am a Usui Reiki Master.  Therefore, I can give Reiki sessions and teach/atune you to perform Reiki as well.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique which by laying hands on different parts of the body, the practitioner channels energy from the universal life force that lives in everything in order to heal. Reiki energy restores both physical and emotional wellbeing and is very relaxing.

Reiki can be used to treat emotional or physical issues.  It can also be done as a distance healing.  During a session you will either sit or lie down and simply be ready to accept whatever healing is possible.  Frequently during sessions I receive specific insights, generally regarding areas which required more attention, and I will discuss these with you at the end of the session.

Reiki is very helpful for winding down / relaxing, reducing any physical pains, insomnia, reducing stress levels, and feeling more balanced.  Reiki is best done in person, but it can be done from a distance if necessary.

To book your Reiki session with me, please drop me a message.

Access Consciousness / Access Bars®

Access Bars® is billed as “a gentle 'subtle energy' modality that releases built-up stress in your body and mind.” It was developed 25 years ago by “personal development” guru Dr Gary Douglas, and involves an Access Bars® facilitator lightly touching 32 different points on your head while you lie back and relax.

It is said to work by "defragging" your mind like you would with a hard drive.  It will help you with:

  • greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity;

  • significant increase in joy and happiness;

  • improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies;

  • decrease in interpersonal and interpersonal conflicts; and

  • deeper relaxation and better uninterrupted sleep.


To book your Access Bars® session with me, please drop me a message. 

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